Comparing Five Sex Drive Tests We Found on the Internet

Sex drive, also called sexual desire or libido, describes sexual appetite. It varies from one person to another due to several factors, like mental health, medication, and age.

10 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Sex drive, also called sexual desire or libido, describes sexual appetite. It varies from one person to another due to several factors, like mental health, medication, and age.

The thing is, the sex drive differences can be so significant. In a sexual relationship, one often has a higher libido than the other. Not communicating can lead to misunderstanding and contribute to the dimming flame of sexual passion. 

If you're not sure if you have a high sex drive and whether your partner is pressured about that, you've come to the right place. This article covers five sex drive tests you and your partner can take. You will understand each other's sex choices better by this post’s end. 

Let's get started.

1. ProProfs: Do I Have A High Sex Drive? Find Out With This Quiz!

ProProfs create innovative software with excellent support. Providing the Do, I Have A High Sex Drive? Quiz page, ProProfs encourages people engaging in a sexual relationship to take this test and help them find out if they have a good sexual drive.

Scrolling down the page, you'll find the question excerpts. ProProfs' sex drive quiz contains 14 questions related to sex frequency preference and the use of sex toys. Several questions can also specify the desire to indulge in sexual activity. 

In terms of options, ProProfs uses short, casual expressions. For example: Very high, low, okayish, pretty high. Each question has four options, except for questions 11 to 14, which have only three. The questions in reference are about foreplays, sexual satisfaction, and whether the quiz taker has tried to limit themselves from engaging in sexual activity.

To take the test, click the Start button. Then, you'll be directed to a new web page. The question and options are displayed like so:


Once you're done with the quiz, click View My Result

The result is very straightforward. You may get "You have a normal sex drive", "You have a high sex drive", or "You have a low sex drive".

One thing we notice from the test web page is that it contains several ads. If you find advertisements annoying, ProProfs' sex drive quiz may not be the one for you. Also, the website looks better on mobile phones.

2. Pulse Nigeria: How High Is Your Sex Drive?

Pulse Nigeria provides a safe space for people to voice their opinion louder and help them connect with a global audience. With its "Are you an insatiable freak or indifferent participant" tagline, Pulse's sex drive test focused more on if you are on the deviant axis side of the sexual preference.

To start the test, all you have to do is to scroll down the page. 

This sex drive test contains ten questions. The first question is to rate the quiz taker's sex drive, which is quite interesting.

Skimming through them, we can see right away that this sex drive test is the fun type. One of the questions is to pick a smoothie! And the options are:

  • Banana and pineapple.
  • Tigernut, dates, and coconut.
  • Banana, peanut butter, and cocoa powder.
  • Orange and strawberry.

Furthermore, three of the questions use visuals; they ask you to:

  • Pick a male artist; the options are Chris Brown, Tyga, Drake, and The Weeknd.
  • Choose a female artist; the options are Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyonce.
  • Select the colour that best describes your sexual desire; the options are yellow, blue, red, and black.

For the options, most of them offer four choices. However, questions related to inappropriate thoughts have six choices. They use idiomatic expressions and even incorporate colloquial language.

Once you've done it, the result immediately shows up. It includes your score in percentage and funny comments. Here's an example:


As you can see from the above screenshot, this test is the fun type!

3. Marriage: Do I Have A High Sex Drive Quiz

This website helps people build healthy, happy marriages and relationships. 

The people behind it strongly believe that sex is essential for relationships. Apart from helping the two people get closer, it also allows them to explore each other's bodies. The latter is necessary to discover new ways to please your partner.

Marriage has this libido test called Do I Have A High Sex Drive? This test is perfect for people who have a strong sexual desire. It helps them find a way to manifest it in the relationship.

Like ProProfs, Marriage provides a sneak peek into the questions. This feature is helpful, as you can look into them quickly and decide immediately if you want to take the quiz.

To take Marriage's sex drive test, click Start Quiz. Once you're on the quiz page, you'll see that it has ten questions for you to answer. Each question has an illustration, which is an excellent addition to visualising the question. 


Another cool feature is that it automatically scrolls down to the next button once users have picked an option. The questions include how often you have sex in a week, how often you find other people attractive, and how often you dress sexy to attract potential partners.

All questions have four options, which are considerably more formal than the others you've seen. For example, yes, all the time; sometimes, yes, but it’s rare; and no, never are the choices for a question about compliance.

Once finished, you can click on the View my results button. Display-wise, the result has the verdict, an illustration, and a short explanation. 



4. Maze Women'’s Sexual Health: How’s Your Libido? Take Our Quiz!

Maze Women’s Sexual Health offers a discussion forum for any female sexual health issues. It’s more than just a clinic; its all-female team is ready to help people worldwide. 

Maze Women's sex drive quiz is so straightforward. It incorporates no introduction or tagline whatsoever. Also, its design is modern and minimalistic. There are not too many ads, so it’s very convenient to look at. 

To start taking the quiz, scroll down under the featured image, and you'll find the pink Start the Quiz button. The sex drive test contains ten questions, which include the masturbation topic, sex desire self-assessment, and dating-related fields. Each one has a different number of options. Some have six; some have four, and others only have two.

Once you’ve picked an answer, it turns purple. Then, you have to scroll down to get to the next question.question-example

On the mobile version, the display is more colourful. As it records your answer, it will automatically move forward to the next question.


The options have long answers, but they’re very human as they're so conversational.

Once done, you can click Submit to get the result.

Your score should appear; if you want to get the description, you must register your email. However, you will subscribe to the Maze Women's Sexual Health newsletter. 


5. How’s Your Sex Drive?

Balance. Media offers Londoners' a place to get insights, everyday tools, positive news, and witty opinion pieces by leading journalists, experts, and thought leaders.

Unsurprisingly, it provides a sexual desire test under the tagline "Is your libido sky high? Or is making the bed the most bedroom action you get? Take our quiz to see if you’ve still got that sexual spark…". Judging from it, Balance. The media aims to test the page visitors if they keep their sex drive alive and well.

Down the page is where all the questions are displayed. Balance. The media's libido test differs from the other four in this blog post. It doesn't feature the start quiz, multiple choice, next, and submit buttons. Instead, it requires test takers to record their answers themselves. Then, they need to count how many A's, B's, C's, and D's they get. The most-picked option will then define the sex drive.

In terms of questions, this test has eight numbers. The topics vary; some are about sexual fantasies, orgasms, diet, and health.

For the choices, they are long, conversational answers, like so:


Once you've finished the test, you can start counting. Then, match your result with the appropriate description following the question segment. 



It's no doubt that sexual compatibility is crucial to building a successful, healthy relationship. After all, everyone has their level of sex drive.

Throughout this blog post, we've shared five sex drive tests we found on the internet to consider taking. Our best pick is the one from Maze Women's Sexual Health. Not only does the website look clean and sleek, but it also covers topics others don't. Pulse Nigeria is the way to go if you're looking for a fun test.

That said, there are hundreds of other sex-related quizzes to consider. To get to know each other better, you and your partner can take, for example, arousal type, sex personality, and BDSM tests.



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