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Ep 11: Interview with Socceroos Star Mitchell Duke

27 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

Hair Loss and Testosterone: What is The.

Hair loss is a common condition that affects men, especially as we age. While several....


How Porn Can Damage Men’s Sexual Health

As with any other aspect of modern culture, porn is now easily accessible to anyone with a....

27 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

What are Popular Men's Sexual Health.

There is a correlation between ageing and a decline in sexual health and performance.....

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Here's some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our patients.

Do I see someone face to face?

We are a telehealth company. All our communication is done over the phone. We have found men prefer it this way so they can speak to someone discretely.

Do I speak to a real Doctor?

Yes, and all our Doctors are Australian qualified and registered with AHPRA.

Is your treatment the same thing I can get from my GP?

No, at Optimale Health we customised your treatment! Your treatment will depend on the severity of the issue, age and medical background.

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19 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

"The Little Blue Pill" How It Works to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is typically treated initially with oral medications. These medications work by increasing blood flow and stimulating an

What You Shouldn’t Eat to Prevent Erection Problems

Several factors, including poor heart health, tobacco use, and certain medications, can cause erection problems. But did you know that the foods you

12 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

Health Conditions That Affect Men’s Sexual Performance

Emotional fulfilment and physical intimacy are two essential aspects of relationships. Sometimes, however, alow sex drive can get in the way of your

12 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

Separating The Myths From The Truths About Premature Ejaculation

Loss of control over ejaculation leads to ejaculating too soon that can happen anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute after the climax, sometimes even

12 Apr 2023 MEN’S HEALTH

Hormone Imbalance in Men: Are You Familiar with The Symptoms

Your body has chemical messengers, or hormones, which orchestrate a wide range of physiologic processes. Too little or too much of a particular

18 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

Curious about Telehealth Care Services? Here’s What You Should Know

The use of telehealth visits has skyrocketed in the past year and is expected to be an integral aspect of healthcare for the foreseeable future.


Is There a Connection Between Hydration and Erectile Dysfunction?

It's likely common knowledge that dehydration can cause various unpleasant symptoms, from thirst and weariness to dry or sticky lips and dark urine,

6 Jan 2023 INSIGHTS

What Makes a Sexual Relationship Healthy?

It might be awkward to broach the subject of sex, even with your partner. However, a strong sexual connection is a cornerstone of a fulfilling

6 Jan 2023 INSIGHTS

Dealing With a Low Sex Drive? Alcohol Could Be the Main ’Why’

Drinking can be the ultimate go-to activity for some of us to unwind, connect with others, and treat ourselves after a long day at work. However, it


The Effects of Physical Activity on Testosterone

As you all may know, testosterone is a vital hormone for men. This hormone depends on your libido, muscle mass, fat distribution, mental state, and


Do You Deal With Low Sperm Count?

A low sperm count occurs when you ejaculate less sperm than usual. Sperm production in men is complex. There are numerous elements involved.

15 Dec 2022 GUIDES

What to Prepare Before Your Visit to An Online Men’s Health Clinic

A good starting point toward improving your sexual and general health is to visit an online men's health clinic. Men of all ages need to consider

15 Dec 2022 GUIDES

Treatment Options for Men's Sexual Health

When a man declines his sexual function, it's crucial to investigate all potential causes. It could be anything as essential as a prescribed

25 Nov 2022 INSIGHTS

Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone?

Some of us may be concerned about decreasing testosterone levels and question whether our past or present masturbation habits have contributed to

25 Nov 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Sexual Health Check

For many people, including us men, sexual health can be a taboo subject. Even more so, some of us may feel embarrassed if people know we’re planning


When to Walk Away from Sexless Marriage

Being in a sexless marriage can be challenging, and no one wants to admit they’re in it. Something about it feels disempowering, especially for our

27 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Sexual and Libido Enhancement

Sexual enhancement, also known as an aphrodisiac, includes foods and drugs that encourage a libido increase. Besides that, they can also improve


14 Sex Techniques for Men

More often than not, men want to be exceptional in bed. The bad news is that not all sex is mind-boggling. We’ve compiled 14 sex techniques for men

17 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Signs that Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted to You

Being intimate with your girlfriend can significantly help you strengthen the bond with one another. And sex is a sacred act between two people who


Do Testosterone Levels Drop as You Age?

Testosterone is a potent androgen hormone. Testosterone levels can help maintain sex drive, control sperm production, encourage muscle growth, and

10 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Sexual Passion: What is It and How to Keep it Alive?

What is sexual passion? Is it based on love, or are they from two different spheres?

10 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Comparing Five Sex Drive Tests We Found on the Internet

Sex drive, also called sexual desire or libido, describes sexual appetite. It varies from one person to another due to several factors, like mental

4 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

Too Much Ejaculation?

Twenty-one times every month, am I right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There is no specific number of times to release the male seminal

3 Oct 2022 INSIGHTS

How Yoga Can Increase Your Sexual Energy

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that includes breath control, simple meditation, and movement. When trying it, some of you might find it intimidating at

30 Sep 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Are There Side Effects of Daily Masturbation in Males?

Masturbation is a perfectly normal, risk-free, and beneficial practice. It is a method to get in touch with your sensual side, experience pleasure,

30 Aug 2022 INSIGHTS

Best Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is essential to our quality of life because it keeps our sexual health and fertility in good shape.

30 Aug 2022 INSIGHTS

Vitamins for Men

Keeping our bodies and minds in good shape should be a top priority for anyone who wants to look, feel, and do their best in everything they do.

24 Aug 2022 INSIGHTS

How to Last Longer During Sex in a New Relationship or With a New Partner

When you're just getting to know someone, the thought of talking about sex might make both of you feel awkward. But remember that being honest with

19 Aug 2022 INSIGHTS

Masturbating Before Sex: Can It Help Make Sex Last Longer?

Although some of us might not admit it, masturbation is something many enjoy. It has its hidden benefits too! It can help us figure out what we like


Possible Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Commit to A Relationship

After experiencing a string of unsuccessful relationships, you’ve got to the point where you ask yourself, “Why can't I commit to a relationship?”

25 Jul 2022 INSIGHTS

Mediterranean Diet for Fertility

When you and your partner are trying to start a family, the food you eat plays a critical role. Maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced

12 Jul 2022 INSIGHTS

What is Required in Male Fertility Tests?

Approximately 40% of all fertility problems couples face are associated with male fertility. Many men who are otherwise in perfect condition generate

12 Jul 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Facts about Men's Mental Health Australia

When talking about people's mental health in general, men’s mental health is often left out of the conversation. Many individuals still aren't

20 Jun 2022 INSIGHTS

Tea for Sex Drive Boost

Many people, both male and female, experience a decline in sexual desire at some point in their lives. Everyone has their own sex drive, and their

20 Jun 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction on Steroids

Many men seek the ideal physique through bodybuilding, training with heavy weights in a specific way to maximise anabolic muscle training.


How to Get Your Partner to Initiate Intimacy

When it comes to sex, relationships are a two-way street. It's easy to feel anxious and frustrated in the bedroom if no one else is making any


Things to Expect from Relationship Counseling

Have you ever wondered what happens in couples counselling? You may have often realised that people are curious about what happens behind the closed

16 Jun 2022 INSIGHTS

Good Things to Say During Sex

A simple technique to achieve a sexual connection is to say things that will make your lover feel good and perform better in bed. Talking about


How to Fix an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Have you considered the impact your relationship has on your mental state? Emotionally “abusive relationships” can be complex and challenging to

27 May 2022

Keto Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

Over the past few years, the keto diet has seen a rise in popularity. The main advantages are weight loss and improved overall health. In addition,

27 May 2022

Spiritual Healing for Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED), a spiritual approach like tantric massage may help with your issue. The focus of tantra is that

25 May 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

How to Cure Porn-Induced ED?

Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection long enough to engage in sexual activity. A variety of causes

25 May 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Massage for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (often referred to as PE) is sexual dysfunction that occurs when an individual experiences ejaculation during the first two to

16 May 2022 INSIGHTS

How to last longer in the bedroom

An inability to last a long in the bedroom can be a result of many factors including phycological factors including stress and anxiety and some

4 Apr 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Can cheating cause erectile dysfunction?

Studies show that infidelity is prevalent in 20%-25% of all marriages, with an even split between men and woman.

5 Apr 2022 INSIGHTS

Can porn cause premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common issue effecting many men. It is a direct result of climaxing too quickly or finishing quicker than he or his

4 Apr 2022 INSIGHTS

Can pre-workout cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among many men and can strain a relationship and impact a man’s confidence. There are many causes that

4 Apr 2022 INSIGHTS

Can hypnosis cure erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man lacks the ability to get and/or maintain an erection. This issue is more common than you think, many studies

1 Apr 2022 INSIGHTS

The GENDER GAP between men and women in relation to health

According Harvard Health woman live on average 5 years longer than men and men are more likely to suffer from more health concerns during their life

1 Apr 2022 INSIGHTS

Natural ways to boost your libido

A low sex drive can be influenced by many factors. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it, 

1 Apr 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Foods that boost your immunity

Now more than ever it’s important to protect our bodies against viruses, colds, and flus. To do this we must understand how to best support our

1 Apr 2022 PODCAST

Ep 3: Sexual performance vs sexual dysfunction and what to do about it

In this episode, Louie and Jess interview resident Dr C on the difference between sexual dysfunction and sexual performance,

7 Dec 2021 INSIGHTS

Factors that can contribute to sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation (PE), and erectile dysfunction (ED), can be very complex and brought on by several different factors

1 Apr 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

How mental health can impact sexual dysfunction

Staying mentally healthy is important for lots of different aspects of your health, including your sexual health and performance.


Intimacy tips and how to talk to your partner about sexual dysfunction

Sometimes sexual dysfunction can create strains or conflicts in your relationship, and it can be frustrating for both partners. One of the most

1 Apr 2022 GUIDES

Having a healthy relationship with porn
By Dr Chopra

As Optimale Health’s resident doctor, I often have patients tell me they are experiencing symptoms of PE or ED with their partner, but

1 Apr 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Hot tip to lose weight, look at your sleep!

Having trouble losing weight and unsure why? Perhaps you need more sleep.

1 Apr 2022 MEN’S HEALTH

Tired and want more energy?

Here are our 8 tips on how you can boost your energy naturally and feel better all around!

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