Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatments

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40% of Aussie men experience ED at some point in their lives

If you’ve struggled to get or keep an erection during sex, you’re not alone. But when you’re confronted by low libido, poor sensitivity and unreliable erections, it can feel like it’s just you.

There are plenty of reasons men experience erectile dysfunction; some causes are medication, lack of sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors. The arteries responsible for the blood flow to the penis are either hardening or constricted. This reduces the amount of blood flow and affects the strength of the erection and your ability to maintain it before or during sex.

With many causes of Erectile Dysfunction, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. But with the right combination of lifestyle changes and medications, you and your partner can enjoy full, fun and satisfying sex.

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Tailored Erectile Dysfunction treatment

Experience real results with an ED treatment made specifically for you

Every man is different. Your treatment should be too.

At Optimale Health, our team of sexual health experts will work to identify the underlying cause of your Erectile Dysfunction. Then prescribe a fully-tailored treatment plan to deliver the best outcome for you…and your partner.

Unlimited support

Get unlimited access to your personal Treatment Plan Manager

Have a question about your treatment? Need to adjust your prescription? Your Treatment Plan Manager is always there to make sure you get the best results possible from your Optimale prescription.

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Common problem. Custom solution.

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors that are different for every man. The treatment that’s right for you is the one that addresses your unique presentation.

That’s why every Optimale Health treatment is completely customised to your needs.

Customised treatment

Your Optimale doctor will create a customised treatment protocol based on your unique case.

Treatment may include one or more PDE5 inhibitors. This custom medication means you get precise dosages for best results. For on-demand or daily use

Ongoing maintenance

After you begin treatment you can tweak your medication to enhance its effectiveness and suitability for your body.

Your Optimale Treatment Plan Manager will work with you to make sure you get the absolute best outcome for you and your partner.

Unlimited text support

Got a question about your treatment? Need to tweak your medication? Or just need some reassurance from an expert?

Simply shoot through a text to your Optimale Treatment Plan Manager and you’ll get an answer, a clear course of action, or the reassurance you need within 15 minutes.

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How it works

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Your customised medication is made up by our partner pharmacies within 24 hours. Then it’s shipped to your door in discreet packaging.



Your dedicated Treatment Plan Manager will follow up via text to check your results and make any tweaks needed to reach your goals.

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Meet the men's health professionals behind your personalised treatment plans and advice.
With Optimale’s team of Aussie experts behind you, you’ll always have an effective course of action.

men's health resident doctor
Dr. Chopra

Dr. Chopra has worked in men's health for 8 years and mental health for 9 years. He has personally seen the toll that health issues can have on his patients, and doesn’t want any man to suffer in silence.

He will work together with each patient to understand their individual health and circumstances and provide them with a personally tailored solution. Whilst it can take some time, getting someone to a point where they are comfortable and happy with themselves is always one of his goals.

men's sexual health treatment plan manager

Louie has obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in human anatomy and physiology. He's been working in the health industry for 10 years and has helped hundreds of men achieve their health goals.

In his role as Treatment Plan Manager, he will be assisting men in all aspects of their health, from initial consultation, to post treatment, he is there every step of the way to ensure they achieve their goals.

Easy. Effective. Affordable

Easy. Effective. Affordable.

From just $2.19 per use

What’s included in your Optimale Erectile Dysfunction treatment:

  • Automatic refills every month
  • Customised treatment plans from Aussie doctors
  • Clinically-proven ED medication
  • Unlimited text support
  • Ongoing treatment plan maintenance
  • Unlimited Optimale Online Gym access
  • Free discreet delivery
  • Risk free, cancel anytime

100% No-Risk Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll see excellent results. But you need to feel confident too.
That’s why, if you’re not happy with your results, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Answers to common Erectile Dysfunction questions

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is the inability to get or maintain an erection during sex. Getting an erection is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. If there is a disruption in any of these areas it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction can have both physical and psychological causes. There are often underlying health issues and lifestyle factors at play. The most common health conditions that lead to Erectile Dysfunction are

  • Poor cardiovascular health
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Low testosterone

The mind plays a pivotal role in gaining an erection, which starts with feelings of arousal. There are several factors that blunt these feelings, including

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems and stress
  • Anxiety related to performance
  • Previous bad experiences
  • Body confidence and self esteem
Which lifestyle factors contribute to ED?

Studies show as a man gets older the prevalence of erectile dysfunction increases from 67% for men aged 50 years and 89% for those 75 years old.

Apart from natural ageing, other lifestyle factors associated with Erectile Dysfunction include

  • Being overweight or obesity
  • Prostate issues, including removal
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Certain injuries
  • Poor diet
  • Some medications
Is Erectile Dysfunction treatable?

The best treatments for Erectile Dysfunction are a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. That’s why your Optimale Dr will check your medical history and overall lifestyle to determine which Erectile Dysfunction medication will be most effective for you. This highly personalised approach is why over 90% of Optimale patients have achieved extremely satisfying results.

How much does my subscription cost?

This depends on the kind of treatment your Optimale doctor prescribes. Non-customised medication starts at $4.38 per dose. There’s also a one-off cost of $55 for the doctor consultation and a monthly fee of $85 that gives you full access to the Optimale Online Gym, 24/7 text-based support from your personalised Treatment Plan Manager, and free shipping and handling of every discreet delivery.

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