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Feeling frustrated with your performance?

Why lose more time worrying? Get personalised erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment delivered discreetly to your door. And put the fun back in your sex life.

Start today with a 5 minute, online health assessment. Yep, it’s that easy.

Why lose more time worrying? Get personalised erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment delivered discreetly to your door. And put the fun back in your sex life.

Start today with a 5 minute, online health assessment. Yep, it’s that easy.

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“It’s on my mind 24/7”

It’s more than a private moment of disappointment.
It’s that little question in the back of your mind…will it be like this forever?

The thing is, ED and PE are treatable. At Optimale Health, we’ve made it effortless for you to access clinically-proven treatment. And get your sexual health back on track.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Have trouble getting or keeping an erection?

Get personalised medical treatment to help you get hard and stay that way.


Treat Premature Ejaculation

Losing control more often than you (or your partner) would like?

Take back control and last longer with tailored medical treatment.

How it works

No referrals.
No awkward clinic visits. No worries.

Confidential Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation treatment that works for you, from start to finish.


FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT Get started in 5 minutes.

Answer some simple questions about your health and medical history. A licensed Aussie doctor will review your answers to determine the best treatment.



Have a quick, confidential video or audio chat with your Optimale doctor.

Your doctor will confirm your information and prescribe a custom treatment plan.



Your customised medication is made up by our partner pharmacies within 24 hours. Then it’s shipped to your door in discreet packaging.



Your dedicated Treatment Plan Manager will follow up via text to check your results and make any tweaks needed to reach your goals.
Licensed Australian experts

Professional, confidential care

Men’s sexual health is complex. That’s why all Optimale doctors are qualified, AHPRA-registered experts.

So you get ED and PE treatment that’s right for you, from a professional who understands the terrain.

Dr. Ash Chopra (MBBS)
When it comes to men’s health...

One size never fits all

At Optimale Health, we prescribe medication that gets you the best results. That may simply be a short course of standard medication. Or it may be a fully customised medication that’s unique to you.

Start your personalised treatment today with a 3-minute online health assessment.

Delivering results for real Aussie men

The Optimale Difference

Effortless ED and PE treatment

Sexual difficulties affect 55% of Aussie men every year. But many never access treatment because it can feel…well, confronting.

So we made the whole process more private, less confronting, and much, much easier.

Real doctors

We’ve made Aussie doctors easily accessible.

You’ll have a quick, discreet call with your Optimale doctor. They’ll confirm your treatment plan and provide you with expert care. Without you leaving the comfort of your home.


Your doctor creates your personalised treatment plan side-by-side with our compounding pharmacist.

Your doctor will take into account pre-existing health conditions, psychological and lifestyle factors when prescribing your treatment.

Ongoing care

Bodies can take time to adjust to new medication and begin to improve.

Your dedicated Treatment Plan Manager will check in to make sure you're getting the best outcomes possible, and make any tweaks that will get you there faster.

The Optimale Health Member Portal

Resources for a full recovery

The effects of ED and PE go well beyond the bedroom. From stress or performance anxiety, nerves around new relationships, or figuring out which exercises to action or avoid. It can be a minefield.

That’s why every Treatment Plan includes unlimited access to the Optimale Health Member Portal. Inside the member portal is a stockpile of resources to help accelerate your recovery, including

  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Performance tips
  • Men’s health meditations
  • Expert-led sexual health masterclasses
  • Diet and lifestyle guides

So you have everything you need to revitalise your sex life.

Online and telehealth treatments

Go ahead and skip the waiting room

Clinically proven results without the hassle. Just a personalised prescription delivered discreetly to your door.

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