Separating The Myths From The Truths About Premature Ejaculation

Loss of control over ejaculation leads to ejaculating too soon that can happen anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute after the climax, sometimes even before penetration.

12 Apr 2023 INSIGHTS

Loss of control over ejaculation leads to ejaculating too soon that can happen anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute after the climax, sometimes even before penetration.

There are several potential causes of premature ejaculation, including medical conditions and mental health problems like stress, worry, and depression. Stress exacerbates the issue, leading to avoidance behaviour and possibly other symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to premature ejaculation, however, there appears to be accurate and inaccurate information about it. And when so much information is available online, it can be challenging to go through it all and separate the myths from the facts. 

Read on to discover which is a myth and which is the truth about premature ejaculation.

The Myths and Truths of Premature Ejaculation

Myth #1: Premature Ejaculation is not caused by anxiety.

The truth is that men with premature ejaculation have higher anxiety levels than those without.  There are several causes of premature ejaculation, and anxiety is just one of them. Having low self-esteem is a common cause of premature ejaculation because of the pressure that might accompany you if you’re concerned about how you perform during sex. 

Myth #2: Premature ejaculation is a permanent thing. 

The truth is that premature ejaculation is typically situation-dependent, and the symptoms can improve with professional treatment. Some men experience premature ejaculation with all partners, and some only share it with specific partners. 

Myth #3: Premature Ejaculation only occurs once.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that can persist throughout a man's life. Premature ejaculation is common in adolescents and even more so in middle-aged men. 

Myth #4: Premature Ejaculation can be stopped with squeezing or stop-start techniques.

In reality, they might make things worse. The primary drawback of this method is that stopping every minute or two can be unsettling to your partner. Instead of practising the stop-and-start tactic, try delving into a technique that helps you loosen up and relax. Delaying premature ejaculation is possible when your ejaculatory muscles are calm and in control.

Getting Help with Premature Ejaculation

A self-help approach for dealing with premature ejaculation is to work with your partner or through masturbation to train your body to delay ejaculation. When you feel like you're going to ejaculate, you must stop and think about anything else to control yourself. Doing so allows you to condition your body to maintain that response when you’re having sex with your partner. 

When dealing with premature ejaculation, a prostate massage is another option. 

If, however, your early ejaculation becomes problematic—for example, if ejaculation occurs for you exceptionally early on in the act, even before penetration or directly after—a clinical diagnosis of premature ejaculation should be made.

Professional Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

When you suffer from premature ejaculation, it is very typical to feel extra stress because you keep worrying about your sexual performance, your partner's satisfaction, and your happiness. All of this may bring you more stress and pressure in your mind. However, note that premature ejaculation is treatable.

Whether you've dealt with these myths or reality concerning premature ejaculation before reading this, Optimale Health can provide you with clinically-proven early ejaculation treatment that is fast, effective, and delivered (discreetly) to your door. 

Each man's premature ejaculation has its own unique set of causes involving both physiological and mental elements. The best treatment for you is the one that considers your symptoms and history.

This is why all the services we provide at Optimale Health – are explicitly tailored to your needs. 

Get in Touch with Optimale Health!

As a telehealth clinic, Optimale Health has made it simpler and more convenient for men to seek confidential medical care for various conditions. Many men avoid treatment because it can feel confronting. That’s why we understand how sensitive these issues are and how important it is to find the cause of your problem. 

We make the whole process more private, less confronting, and more accessible. Get started in 5 minutes with our free health assessment. Answer some simple questions about your health and medical history. A licensed Aussie doctor will review your answers to determine the best treatment.

We promise to treat you with the utmost discretion and compassion while we work together. You’ll have a quick, discreet call with your Optimale doctor. 

After you begin treatment, you can tweak your medication to enhance its effectiveness and suitability for your body. Your dedicated Optimale Treatment Plan Manager will work with you to ensure you get the best outcome for you and your partner.

With Optimale’s team of Aussie experts behind you, you’ll always have a practical course of action. Contact us today and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the latest information on men's health –sexual health, mental health, navigating relationships, and more! 

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