What You Shouldn’t Eat to Prevent Erection Problems

Several factors, including poor heart health, tobacco use, and certain medications, can cause erection problems. But did you know that the foods you eat may play a role in contributing to erectile dysfunction?


Several factors, including poor heart health, tobacco use, and certain medications, can cause erection problems. But did you know that the foods you eat may play a role in contributing to erectile dysfunction?

The adage, "You are what you eat," tends to be accurate. Erection problems are possible if you eat foods that raise your risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Since erectile dysfunction stems from a lack of blood supply, it stands to reason that eating unhealthy foods may affect your blood vessels.

Boosting your sex life requires a healthy balance of energy, blood flow, and hormones, which can be negatively impacted by the foods you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat them. 

The following are types of foods that are commonly known as significant contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Fried and greasy food.

Most people know that these meals are nutritionally deficient and that consuming them regularly can cause serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol. All of these medical conditions are linked to and can worsen erectile dysfunction.

Restaurant food impacts cardiovascular health since it is typically fried in partly hydrogenated oil that contains a high concentration of trans fat and is reused multiple times. 

Red meat and full-fat dairy food.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it may indicate a heart condition. Saturated fat, found in abundance in most cuts of red meat, is a significant contributor to high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease. Burgers and other fast food items are loaded with red meat, likely affecting your sexual health negatively.

Saturated fats are also abundant in full-fat dairy products like cheese. Antibiotics and other drugs provided to cows can sometimes be found in dairy products. These have detrimental effects on the arteries and the prostate, which can play a role in erectile dysfunction.

If you're looking to satisfy your body's need for protein without putting too much strain on your cardiovascular system (or your sex life), try eating more lean protein like salmon, poultry, and beans.  

Pre-packaged foods.

If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction or looking for preventative measures, canned and tinned foods should be avoided. You know how meats and veggies are packaged and stored in cans and plastics – unfortunately, Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that affects sex hormones, is commonly used in these packaging. 

As if that weren't bad enough, BPA has also been linked to low sex drive, infertility and erection problems. Most of the BPA in the food supply comes from plastic water bottles and microwaveable meals. 


In addition to diminishing your libido, alcohol consumption may contribute to erection issues. While drinking alcohol has the potential to unwind and loosen you up, they also carry the risk of causing or worsening erection problems. When you drink too much alcohol regularly, the hormone is flushed out of your system, leaving you with low testosterone levels and needing treatment. 

High-sodium foods.

High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease have been linked to salt intake. Long-term use of salty foods is associated with age and obesity, which are significant risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Best Practices to Prevent Erections Problems

Every person's initial thought, when confronted with a sexual health issue is, "Is there any way I can avoid this?"

Apart from avoiding all the foods above, you are recommended to eat more foods you should eat to maintain a healthy erection – including but not limited to watermelon, spinach, carrots, salmon, orange, blueberries, and dark chocolate. Your food heavily influences your sexual and general health.

Unhealthy eating habits are a contributor to obesity. And being overweight can raise your risk of erection problems. However, shifting to a healthier diet like the Mediterranean or keto diet can improve outcomes. Thus, a "healthy sex life" is another benefit of a well-balanced diet. 

It's also recommended that you make time for regular physical activity. Regular exercise is associated with improved vascular health. Since this improves overall blood flow, it also benefits the penis, which may aid with erection problems. In addition, trying out yoga exercises may also help you see improvements. Erectile dysfunction can have physiological and psychological roots, and yoga can help you recover both. 

Now that you know what harms your sexual and general health, you may take steps to improve your situation, such as changing your eating habits and starting a daily exercise plan. Being proactive about your health reduces the likelihood of issues like erectile dysfunction. 

Additionally, it is highly encouraged to go ahead and talk to a qualified professional about what's going on when you deal with erection problems or other sexual health like premature ejaculation. Getting professional help is unquestionably the most effective option for erectile dysfunction. Remember that you are not alone if you struggle with erectile dysfunction; millions of guys deal with this issue. 

Dealing with Erection Problems? Let Optimale Health Help You! 

Erectile dysfunction should be treated as seriously as any other medical condition, and no one should ever feel ashamed to seek treatment. 

The severity of erection problems varies widely. Some men with ED may get hard with few or no issues but struggle occasionally. At the same time, others deal with erectile dysfunction that is constant and never goes away.

That's why at Optimale Health, we only offer treatment plans that suit your personal needs. We care about you and your long-term well-being, so we tailor our care to each patient. It's our goal that you are empowered and can take control of your health with our support along the way.

Our team of sexual health experts is committed to determining what triggers your Erectile Dysfunction. Then, they'll provide you with a treatment plan that's just right for you. 

Treatment may include one or more PDE5 inhibitors. This custom medication means you get precise dosages for the best results, whether for on-demand or daily use.

Call us today at 02 8610 1888, or start your risk-free treatment by taking our FREE health assessment test. Regain your sexual confidence with Optimal Health today!

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